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Restaurang Seagram
22710 Degerby, Föglö



To reach Föglö from Mariehamn or mainland Åland you need to cross with the Föglö ferry that departs from Svinö in Lumparland to Degerby. The crossing takes about 25 minutes. Return fare for a car is €22. Passengers can take the ferry for free and there is a big parking lot in Svinö. That means you can leave your car in Svinö before you cross to Degerby. Restaurang Seagram is a short stroll from the ferry pier in Degerby.

Föglö ferry schedule 2018

You can reach Föglö from Finland, Kökar or Sottunga by taking the ferries on the Southern Line, which depart from Galtby. The ferries reach Överö in northern Föglö and a vehicle is needed to reach Degerby from the ferry pier.

Southern Line ferry schedule 2018

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